Organizeyour chats to make them work

PingPush is secure, versatile and can be customized to the needs of any type of business.


Receive instant messages and notifications, track the performance of tasks, hold remote discussion sessions, share opinions and brainstorm with one multifunctional application for multiple business needs.

Embracethe technology

Use the application for secure communication between business partners, teams and customers and business deals tracking in real-time. All the messages are encrypted to provide businesses with a secure medium for highly productive work.

phone screen
phone screen
Innovation insight

PingPush is designed to provide effective communication within and outside businesses. It can be used on desktops/smartphones/tablets and allows users to switch between devices without interrupting the process of communication.

Protected data

PingPush is designed to guarantee security of all the data shared via the application. All the messages are encoded with the encryption algorithm that is used for classified information protection.

Personalized services

PingPush is designed to satisfy a wide range of needs depending on the type of business. The clients base of the company can be integrated into the application so that the teams have instant access to contacts and business deals information.

Simple Design

PingPush is designed with the view of multifunctionality and simplicity of processes. It can be used for real-time communication via instant messages or instant access to the information on business projects.