Privacy Policy

1. Background

1.1. The PingPush application, web interface, servers, documentation, API, infrastructure, and other Intellectual Property are owned by PingPush Inc.

1.2. The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to cover the following aspects: (i) The information that we collect and do not collect from users of PingPush users through the PingPush, including sensitive information and personal data. (ii) The purpose, means, and usage mode of said collected information. (iii) How the information is handled and to whom it may be disclosed.

1.3. Following the purpose of this PingPush Privacy Policy, whenever the context asks for “customer,” “administrator,” or team creator, it shall signify any user who puts together a team and invites potential users to use PingPush. “User” signifies any person that has been invited to use PingPush by a customer or an administrator. The term “Us,” “We,” and “Our” shall refer to the PingPush Inc. Company, its employees, as well as any other agents that have been authorized to undergo services on behalf of the company.

1.4. The administrator is the one who controls the information concerning the teams created by a customer and the users that have been invited to use PingPush. The company controls the information that is related to the administration. This Privacy Policy mostly covers customers and administrators and does not cover the PingPush end-users directly.

1.5. We have the rights reserved to make modifications to the Privacy Policy at any time. Customers and users will be immediately notified if such changes were to occur. Continued usage off PingPush will require agreement to these modifications. You agree to review the Privacy Policy on our app periodically, in the event that any changes were to occur. Our company will notify you in advance by notice or email if any changes are to take place in the future.

1.6. For the purpose of the PingPush privacy policy, we define the following key terms as such:

  1. 1. “Personal data” signifies any information that relates to the identification of the user or identifiable to the user. Identifiable to user signifies anyone that may be identified, indirectly or directly. This is mostly done in reference to the user’s name, location data, identification number, or any other online identifier. It also applies to factors that are more specific to the physiological, physical, mental, economic, social, or cultural identity of the natural person, as well as payment information. This includes billing address, payment card numbers, and bank account information.
  2. 2. “Controller” refers to the administrator of the company. The administrator is the controller for all the information concerning their teams and the users that they have previously invited to PingPush. The company acts as a controller for all the information that relates directly to the administrators themselves.
  3. 3. “Processing Data” signifies any operation (or set of operations) that is performed on the personal data, whether or not the means are automated. This includes the collection, organization, recording, storage, structuring, adaptation/alteration, consultation, retrieval, use, disclosure by means of transmission, dissemination, restriction, alignment/combination, and erasure/destruction.
  4. 4. “Processor” refers to a company or any other third party that is engaged by PingPush. The company, for instance, is a processor for all of the data that is added to PingPush by the users.
  5. 5. “Recipient” refers to a company or any public authority, legal person, agency, or any other official body to which the Personal Data may be disclosed to, no matter if it is a third party or not. With that in mind, the public authorities that may receive the Personal Data as a framework for an inquiry may not be regarded as a recipient. The processing of the data by the public authorities shall be made in compliance with the data protection rules.
  6. Third Party” refers to a legal or natural person, agency, or public authority other than the user, controller, processor, or anyone allowed to process your data (under the authority of the processor or the controller).
  7. 7. “Consent” from the user means a clear affirmative action or statement – freely given, informed, specific and unambiguous. This consent means that the person has agreed to the processing of data related to them.
  8. 8. “Personal Data Breach” refers to any security breach that led to the accidental or unlawful loss, destruction, alteration, or any form of unauthorized access or disclosure of personal data.
  9. 9. “Representative” refers to a legal or natural person designed by the processor or controller to represent them in regard to their respective obligations from the Rules and Regulation.
  10. 10. “Binding Corporate Rules” signifies a Personal Data protection policy that has been adhered to by the processor or controller in the territory of the Member of State. It relates to a transfer set of Personal Data to the processor or controller within one or multiple countries, all within a group of connected enterprises.
  11. 11. “Sensitive Data” is referred to as the variety of Personal Data that is determined by the privacy laws as requiring special treatment. In some or most circumstances, using this data may require clear consent from the PingPush user. These categories may include anything from political opinions, ethnic origin, religious views, philosophical beliefs, physical/mental health, or membership in a trade union. It may also include genetic or biometric data, sexual orientation/life, or any criminal offences. This will also include suspicions of criminal activities, not just the activities themselves.
  12. 12. “Supervisory Authority” refers to an independent public authority that has been established by the Member State.
  13. 13. “Supervisory Authority Concerned” refers to a supervisory authority that is concerned with the following processing of Personal Data, as a result of:
    • a. The processor or controller being established as a Member of State on that territory, for the supervisory authority.
    • b. Users and administrators that reside in the Member State of the said supervisory authority, which are (likely to be) substantially affected by the data processing.
    • c. Complaints that have been associated with the said supervisory authority.
  14. 14. “Cross Border Processing” may refer to either of the following:
    • a. Personal Data processing takes place within the activity context of the establishment in the multiple Member States of the processor or the controller.
    • b. Personal Data processing that takes place in the activity context of the processor or controller establishment that significantly affects or is likely to affect the users pertaining to the multiple Member States.
    • c. “Relevant or Reasoned Objection,” which means the objection to a draft decision in the effect that there is an infringement of this Privacy Policy. It also involves envisaged action relating to the processor or controller that complies with the regulations, demonstrating the significance of every risk associated with the draft decision concerning the freedoms and fundamental rights of the user.
2. Collected Information from Users and Administrators

2.1. The company protects the user’s or administrator’s Personal Data in accordance with our privacy policies and to the applicable laws. Moreover, the company also maintains the correct organizational and technical measures to protect the user’s personal data against unlawful or accidental loss, alteration, or disclosure.

2.2. PingPush receives and transmits the data by means of API, meaning that while the information is processed for relevance, it is not kept.

2.1.1. Information Given to Us by Customers
  1. 1. First name and last name
  2. 2. Physical address
  3. 3. Email address
  4. 4. Date of birth
  5. 5. Location
  6. 6. Phone number
  7. 7. Contacts
  8. 8. User profile pictures that you may upload
  9. 9. Preferences
  10. 10. Organization information
  11. 11. Messages exchanged through PingPush
  12. 12. Information in regard to the mobile device, including but not limited to ID, device type, model number, application, operating system and related information.
  13. 13. Rich media and files exchanged through PingPush
  14. 14. Calls made using PingPush
  15. 15. Payment information, which includes credit or debit card, as well as other forms of payment information. Payments are processed through secure connections.
  16. 16. MAC or IP address
  17. 17. Any other types of information necessary to access and use PingPush

Additionally, you will be required to provide email accounts, user ID, as well as other authentication keys in order to connect to a third-party plugin. We offer a variety, including but not limited to OneDrive, Google Drive, and DropBox. This authentication information is required so that we may give users and administrators a seamless integration.

When you use PingPush, you will also provide us with the contacts that you intend to add to your address bush. This type of personal data is maintained by us and associated with only your use.

When signing up for a demo, users will have to provide their name, email, name of the company, contract number, and the number of employees.

2.1.2. Automatically Collected Information

When a user interacts with or uses our product, we receive and collect information concerning the activity, such as the usage data or any other potential information that is normally collected from the mobile device or the browser.

This may include browser type/version, IP address, preferred language, location, Bluetooth or wireless technology, computer operating system, and other unique identifiers to help improve the experience. We may also log the amount of time that users spend on PingPush.

2.1.3. Information Gathered from Other Sources

In the event that we receive other information in regard to the user from other sources, we may add it to the pieces of information that we already have about the user. This may include updated delivery payment data used to correct our information, search result information, and any other identifying information that we may use to detect and prevent fraud.

Further on, we will use Google Analytics for measurement and analytics, with the purpose of understanding how our product is being used. For instance, we may analyze the data concerning your visits on PingPush to improve your experience by optimizing the design of the product.

2.1.4. Information from Our Visitors

Our visitors may contact us for further information or make a request for a demo product. As a result, we often ask for their name, email, contact number, and company name.

2.1.5 Sensitive Data

Most of the time, we do not aim to collect sensitive data (also referred to as data from special categories) through the app or otherwise. The administrator may seek this information, and the user needs to ensure they obtain the privacy policy from the administrator before sharing any sensitive data on PingPush.

3. How We Use Collected Information
3.1. Lawful Processing of Data

We only process your personal data when we have a lawful basis for it. PingPush uses ATI, meaning that no information is kept by our company. For certain processes, we may also make use of legitimate interests, as provided by the Regulations for Data Protection.

In certain cases, we may have a legal obligation to collect personal information from our users. We may also need that information to protect any vital interests, as well as the interests of another person involved.

3.2. Using the Customer Data

We will only process customer data on behalf of our customers in accordance with the instructions that they previously provided us with. The data that you have provided us with shall be used as a way to efficiently provide you with our services and support.

The information that we collect from our customers may be used in the manners presented below:

  1. 1. To facilitate the use of PingPush, along with its upgrades, replacements, and maintenance
  2. 2. To process payments and to verify payment information
  3. 3. To contact and communicate with the customers and users of PingPush
  4. 4. To offer support and technical service, including the updates
  5. 5. To respond to any potential legal requirements, exercising our legal right s and protecting against any legal claims. Also, to fight illegal activity or fraud, to enforce policies, or to protect our safety, property, or third-party rights.
  6. 6. To customize PingPush for better user experience
  7. 7. For troubleshooting
  8. 8. To respond to any queries or issues that our customers may have.
Responding to the Issues of Our Customers

As part of our agreement with our customers, we also offer our end-users technical support and answers to their queries. By doing so, we take the role of processors for our users and any data that we collect shall be used to come to the aid of our customers.

3.3. Consent

When you provide us with consent, it means we are enabled to contact you for marketing purposes. This may be done by signing up for our newsletter, accessing a PingPush demo, or joining an event.

3.4. Users under the age of 16

Our platform does not knowingly collect information of personal nature from users that are under 16 years of age. If you have not reached the age of 16, then you may not be able to use PingPush, being limited to the features of an end-user.

4. Disclosure of Personal Information

Certain recipients and third-party services may receive the following data so that we may provide you with our product:

  • SMTP Services (e.g., Sendgrid)
  • Data Center Services (e.g., AWS)
  • Helpdesk tools and applications for troubleshooting
  • Service Providers
  • Salesforce CRM
  • Hotspots for direct marketing
4.1. Financial Information

All pieces of financial information that we collect through PingPush is used solely to enable payments for usage. It is not to be used for marketing purposes. Because of this, we will only disclose this information with third-party intermediaries for the purposes of processing the payment you make.

4.2. We may also disclose certain information to relevant third parties with the purpose of diagnosing technical problems. The purpose for that is to come to the aid of PingPush customers and to improve the quality of our product.

4.3. We have the rights reserved to disclose any personal information if the law requires it of us or if we need to respond to any legal processes. This may be done as a result of having to protect our rights, the company property, our product security, to protect our customers and lives as well. We reserve the right to disclose the information if we are required to by judicial proceeding.

4.4. We may also share data with subsidiaries and affiliates under the control of our company, as well as with any potential vendors that are working for us.

4.5. Whenever a user accepts an administrator invite to join PingPush or to access its services, the team administrator would be entitled to (i) control and administer the account services for PingPush and (ii) access data and process it, including the communication contents and the files.

5. Customer Rights in Respect to Personal Data Processing

In certain circumstances under the terms and conditions, and subject to exceptions set out by the law, PingPush customers are entitled to:

  • Request access to their Personal Data: This will give customers the right to know whether or not we hold onto personal data about them. In the event that we do, it also gives them the right to obtain info, as well as a copy for said personal data.
  • Request to rectify Personal Data: In case the personal data is inaccurate and incomplete, this entitles the user to have their personal data corrected.
  • Objecting to the Processing of their Personal Data: This gives customers the right to request that PingPush no longer processes their data.
  • Request to erase Personal Data: This entitles the customer to request for the complete erasure of their personal data, including the data that is not necessary anymore to serve its purposes.
  • Request for a restriction in Personal Data processing: This entitles the customer to ask that PingPush Inc. only processes their data in limited circumstances, with their consent.
  • Request for the portability of their personal data: This entitles the customer to ask for a structured copy of their data so that they may move it to another controller.

As a user, if you are required to submit the request through your administrator if what you are looking for is a deletion or if you wish to receive a copy of your data. If we receive a request directly from you, we will not grant the request immediately. Instead, it will first be forwarded to the team administrator in order to receive approval.

As the processing of personal data is based on consent, users have the right to withdraw said consent at any time. To do so, they will have to contact the Data Privacy Officer of the company. One should note, however, that this doesn’t affect the company’s right to process the data obtained prior to your consent withdrawal.

6. Cookies

6.1. The PingPush app uses cookies, which are files that the app puts on the system when a customer visits the program. The cookies do not represent sensitive or personal information, but information that is often used for research and development. The technical administration uses it so that we may improve the user service qualities.

6.2. We may make use of third-party cookies so that we may keep track of the behavior of our clients and so that we may improve the quality of our product. With that in mind, these cookies won’t store any type of personal information, nor will it be disclosed to any third party.

6.3. These cookies were made with the intention to be automatically deleted or cleared once the user exits the application. Users are also encouraged to take advantage of the “clear cookies” feature, as we may not always be able to predict and guarantee the behavior of our system. You may use a variety of tools to control the collection of cookies or to block them from any third-party analytics. Your collected cookies, depending on your behavior, may impact the experience that you have with our application.

6.4. The information that we collect by means of cookies is not rented, sold, or disclosed to any third parties. The cookies are only used for internal maintenance and development and so that we may remarket and retarget PingPush updates to our users.

7. Third-Party Links

7.1. We may provide links to certain websites and apps for the convenience of PingPush users. These domains are not controlled, owned, or operated by PingPush. Because of this, we may not be able to control how the information on those links is shared, used, or secured. We hold no responsibility for the contents on their website, and once you exit PingPush, you are subjected to the third party’s privacy policy. We suggest that upon visiting the third-party links, you also review their privacy policies as well.

7.2. PingPush is made for business use and organizations and administers to the user by means of Customer Organization. The use of PingPush is subjected to the policies of the user organization if there are any. As a PingPush user, you ought to direct all of your inquiries to your PingPush team administrator. We are not responsible for the security or privacy practices of our customers, which may be different from what we set out in this privacy policy.

8. Data and Security Procedures

8.1. We have organizational, technical, and physical security arrangements for the personal data that we collect. We also have controls, protocols, and relevant policies, as well as procedures to maintain these arrangements. We take into account the risks associated with every category of personal data, undertaking the means necessary to protect sensitive information. We also adopt marketing leading securities to ensure that your personal data stays protected.

8.2. In regard to the use of our application, users ought to understand that the data made public to the people on the Internet may be accessed by anyone depending on your privacy settings. The data that you visibly share (such as your name, status, or other aspects) will be seen by your team if you provided that data for them.

9. Information Retention

We may retain personal information within the app for as long as we deem it necessary. We maintain policies so that your personal data is deleted after a certain amount of time, based on the following aspects.

  • We may maintain data for as long as we retain an ongoing relationship with our users. If a customer decides to close their accounts, their information will be deleted within 30 days of their action. Once you decide to close your account, we will proceed to delete all of your personal information, including the content that was generated.
  • We may only keep the data for you to see while your account is open or for as long as it is deemed necessary to offer services.
  • We may retain data for as long as we need it in compliance with our contractual or legal obligations.
10. Choice or Opting Out

If a user decides that they wish to opt out from receiving our non-essential content (such as marketing-related or promotional content) after creating an account, they may choose to do so by changing the preferences settings within the app or contacting us. If a user decides to opt out from PingPush altogether, they may also do so by contacting the team administrator or us.